Antiochian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America
3107 - 40 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 3J9. Phone (403) 993-7945

July 4, 2017

Dear Holy Annunciation, Calgary Parish Family:

This is my second letter since being assigned to serve you for a little while, and the first one since I got to Calgary. Thank you for the gracious welcome!

I want to keep on writing you once a week. I will try to make it happen each Tuesday.

I expect to mention a little news each time and then focus on one main subject. Last time I raised the subject of listening and peacemaking, which is my assignment. I am not here to judge or punish anyone, but rather to heal and help you fix anything that will lead to peace.


I have a Calgary phone. 587/707-4785 Please call anytime between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. I have been meeting as many of you as possible and I want to listen to many more!

I will lead a joyful and worshipful service this Sunday. Please come! Our singers excel!

We will have a one hour teaching session with some question and answer time tomorrow evening at 7 at the church. The topic will be PEACE and I will tell a true story about a parish in our Archdiocese where a destructive conflict took place. Please come! I will stay afterward to listen and talk, but I want those who need to leave at 8 p.m. to feel free!

I have a ticket to fly back to the US Tuesday July 11. You can expect me back about the 20th.

I plan to be very available by phone and email while I am gone. The purpose of the trip is to see my daughter who returns to the US on the 13th after almost 4 years in foreign countries.

Main point:

Peace is made when everyone is included. I have four children. How could my family have peace if I left one out - or if I had a favorite who got more time, attention, and support than the rest? In the world, of course, we see politicians who have their favorites and who reward their best supporters in many special ways. In the church we must not do that. I am no politician. I am a temporary father in Christ who lacks many things you want, like skill in Arabic, but has one thing you need at this time: wisdom, dedication and experience in peacemaking. With God’s help we can do this together. Please join with me and see the Lord answer our prayers.

With love and respect in Christ,

Fr. George Washburn